Baptism Policy

We practice baptism with both adults and children. Baptism is God’s blessing of our children and a reminder of how Jesus blessed the children during his life and told the adults how we must welcome and become like our children if we are to follow him. When we baptize a child at St. Matthew, we assume the responsibility for being an extended family for that child in supporting his or her well-being and spiritual growth until he or she can assume responsibility for the decision to follow Christ. That is why St. Matthew places so much an emphasis on a strong educational program for our children and our youth. Children who are baptize are invited in 8th grade to participate in confirmation which is a year long study and experiential program for learning about the Christian faith and guides young people to make a decision for themselves to follow Christ as a disciple.

Who can be baptized?

Youth and adults who seek to follow the Way of Jesus Christ as both Lord and Savior can be baptized at St. Matthew UCC. This includes an expectation of consistent church attendance (at St. Matthew or another Christian community) and a commitment to be nurtured in faith in the Christian community as well as generously use his or her talents and resources.

A parent(s) who wishes to baptize their young children and infants need to follow the way of Jesus as both Lord and Savior and be willing to raise their children in the faith. This includes a commitment to raise the child in the church (St. Matthew or another Christian community) and to be a good example by consistent church attendance and being a servant of Christ. A parent(s) is welcome to choose a sponsor or sponsors (godparents) who will support the raising of the child in the Christian faith. A sponsor needs to be a practicing Christian.

You do not have to be a member of St. Matthew to have your child baptized in our church. We do expect a parent to be practicing Christians including having a church in which they are active members. Normally, we recommend that parents baptize their child in a church where they are actively attending or members. We understand that because of family and historical ties parents may wish to have their children baptized at St. Matthew.

When are baptisms done?

Baptism is not a private ceremony but a communal event in which the one baptized becomes a brother or sister in the faith. Therefore, we do baptisms in the context of our worship services. Because of time concerns we do not have baptism on first Sundays of the month when we celebrate Holy Communion or on high Sundays in the church year (e.g. Palm Sunday or Easter).

What do I need to do to schedule a baptism?

We are honored to share in your baptism or the baptism of your child. Call the church office or contact us online. We will work to schedule the date you wish to book. Pastor Allen will then schedule a time with you to meet and go over the service.