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Baptism is one of the two sacraments that we practice at St. Matthew UCC, the other being Holy Communion. Baptism is an once in lifetime event in which we become apart of the body of Christ, which is God’s church, and are given God’s gracious blessing, “You are my beloved child with whom I am well pleased.” Over a lifetime we will all face many challenges and failures, but our baptism empowers us to know that we are both forgiven and beloved. In baptism, we are also welcomed into the family of God, adding many new loving brothers and sisters into our life who will nurture our faith and with whom we are called to serve Christ.


Click here to view our baptism policy.


St. Matthew is a church much favored for weddings. Its center aisle and attractive, light-filled sanctuary make it the perfect setting. Non-members are welcome to be married at St. Matthew. The policies and fees for both members and non-members are listed in our wedding policy – see link below. The church secretary or business manager can give you a tour of the sanctuary and facilities during normal office hours, Monday thru Friday. One of the best ways to get a feeling of what a wedding would be like is to come to our worship services on Sunday at 9:30am. We take your marriage seriously and believe marriage is a rite of the church – sacred, holy, and ordained by God.

Click here for a downloadable copy of our wedding policy.